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Upload & Scan Certificates

We are proud of delivering what we believe is the first system that reliably & accurately scans certificates to extract text & identify the certificate type.

Upload or scan certificates and let our innovative system do the hard work for you. The app will identify maritime certificates, auto-populate the required fields and populate and restrict expiry dates if subject to international requirements (e.g STCW).

We are continuously training the system and expanding the list of recognised certificates. In time we hope to branch out into other industries that rely heavily on certification.

Store Documents

Add expiring personal documents such as passports, ID cards, driving licences and visas to track their validity.

Store any other documents that may need to be shared, such as CVs, employment references, medical records, contracts and payslips.

Maintain Personal Information

We have included four profile sections (personal, financial, health and emergency) to keep personal information up to date. The fields in these sections include the most commonly requested items of data that most recruitment, employment and management companies will request from crew.

We are integrating Crewdentials with popular vessel management & HR systems. In time, crew will be able to link their Crewdentials account to simplify the sign up process and keep all data across multiple systems up to date.

Share your Information

Share certificates and documents with whoever you choose via an encrypted email link. Use the Share Log to revoke access at any time and view a record of where you have shared your data.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Built using a modern Progressive Web App (PWA) platform there is no need to download an app or keep it up to date. Updates will happen seamlessly across all devices for all users.

Users can access their account through any browser on any device.

For an app like experience; once logged in click the share or menu button on any smartphone or tablet, then click "Add to Homescreen". The system will feel and respond just like a native app with offline access to view and edit all content. When an internet connection is restored, changes will be reflected in the account.

Try logging in to two devices with an internet connection, then adding or deleting a certificate or document. The update will happen instantly on the other device without the need to refresh your browser.

Data Security

Every account is automatically secured with multi-factor authentication (via SMS) to authenticate the user's device and browser when logging in.

With our next update, you will be able to use your own preferred authenticator app such as Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator, Authy or Duo Security instead of SMS verification if preferred.

Our PWA platform is served via HTTPS with all data undergoing automatic end to end encryption. We only use EU based servers and operate in accordance with GDPR standards.

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