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"We believe in drilling down to the true root of any problem, then leveraging the best technology to solve these pain points."

Dan armsden
CEO & Co-Founder

"Software should be designed to simplify the most challenging tasks and create certainty, whilst remaining intuitive and easy-to-use."

james benns
CTO & Co-Founder

Who is it for?


Your free account to manage and share your credentials with whomever you choose.

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Your customisable portal, utilising digital onboarding and AI to efficiently collate and check credentials.

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Your customisable portal, with crew self-service and time-saving tools, automate mundane error-prone tasks.

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Your customisable portal, to embed into your website, for faster crew registrations and advanced filtering.

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Training Centres

Your customisable portal, to issue certificates on blockchain, with QR codes, for irrefutable verification.

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Maritime Authorities

Your customisable portal, to embed into your website, optimising your seafarer document issuing process.

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free app


One account, unlimited integrations. Keep your data safe and up to date in one place, approved recipients’ systems will be updated automatically.

  • Choose where and with whom to share your data. Keep a log of where your data has been shared and revoke access anytime.
  • Upload and relax, we’ll notify you when your next renewal is due.
  • You remain in complete control, how data management should be.


Upload Certificates

Upload or take photos of your certificates and let our innovative system do the hard work for you. The app will identify popular maritime certificates, auto-populate the required fields and apply validity controls if subject to international requirements (e.g STCW).

We are continuously training the system and expanding the list of recognised certificates. In time we hope to branch out into other industries that rely heavily on certification.

Manage Documents

Add expiring personal documents such as passports, ID cards, driving licences, visas and employment contracts to track validity.

Store any other documents that may need to be shared, such as CVs, employment references, medical records, contracts and payslips.

Maintain Personal Information

We have included three profile sections (personal, financial and emergency) to keep personal information up to date. The fields in these sections include the most commonly requested items of data that most recruitment, employment and management companies will request from crew.

We are integrating Crewdentials with popular vessel management & HR systems. In time, crew will be able to link their Crewdentials account to simplify the sign up process and keep all data across multiple systems up to date.

Share your Credentials

Share certificates and documents with whoever you choose via an encrypted email link. Use the Share Log to revoke access at any time and view a record of where you have shared your data.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Built using a modern Progressive Web App (PWA) platform there is no need to download an app or keep it up to date. Updates will happen seamlessly across all devices for all users.

Users can access their account through any browser on any device.

For an app like experience; once logged in click the share or menu button on any smartphone or tablet, then click "Add to Homescreen". The system will feel and respond just like a native app with offline access to view and edit all content. When an internet connection is restored, changes will be reflected in the account.

Try logging in to two devices with an internet connection, then adding or deleting a certificate or document. The update will happen instantly on the other device without the need to refresh your browser.

Data Security

Protecting your privacy and keeping your data safe is at the forefront of our design.

Each account is automatically secured with multiple layers of encryption, including two-factor authentication (via SMS) to authenticate each user's device and browser.

We will soon be offering alternate methods of two-factor authentication for login access whilst offline or out of mobile coverage. Options will include the use of popular authenticator apps such as Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator, Authy, Duo Security, as well as receiving a One Time Password (OTP) via WhatsApp instead of SMS.

Our PWA platform is served via HTTPS with all data undergoing automatic end to end encryption. We only use EU based servers and operate in accordance with GDPR standards.


The free app for crew marks the beginning of our platform, but we have a lot more in the pipeline...

The Crewdentials platform will enable users to securely exchange information between stakeholders, drastically reducing onboarding or sign-up time and providing instant validation checks.

We are currently building an onboarding portal for managers, employers and recruiters. The beta version will be available in Q1 2021, with a healthy number of employment and management companies amongst the first adopters.

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An onboarding portal that can be used as an independent crewing system, or as a portal to efficiently collate crew data and feed into your existing systems through API feed or CSV file.
  • customisable onboarding workflow templates, to electronically collate data from crew
  • auto-determine or set manning & certification requirements by role and vessel
  • auto-compare all certificates held by a seafarer vs the requirements stipulated by each vessel


An onboarding portal that can be used as an independent crewing system, or as a portal to efficiently collate crew data and feed into your existing systems through API feed or CSV file.
  • customisable onboarding workflow templates, to electronically collate data from crew
  • next generation self-service; with live view access to the approved areas of each seafarer's account, and sync options to keep datasets aligned
  • drag and drop Word (.docx) templates into the system to efficiently auto-populate documents


A customisable sign-up form that can be integrated into any website. Enabling rapid sign-up for any seafarer with a Crewdentials, or simple intuitive data collation for those without.
  • no need to update your existing website form, simply include a redirect to your Crewdentials for Recruiters account to efficiently collate crew information
  • advanced filter option; select the vessel and role and let our system filter all crew in your system who hold suitable certification for the role
  • export data into your own HR or recruitment system though API feed or CSV file

Training Centres

It is only a matter of time before governing bodies adopt digital certification in place of easily manipulated physical copies. Use our portal to issue irrefutable digital certificates via a distributed ledger system (blockchain).
  • QR codes for ease of verification
  • distributed ledger for irrefutable verification
  • auto-update historic certification into a modern digital format

Maritime Authorities

Streamline your seafarer document process. Create your secure portal, stipulate the information and certification required from each seafarer, then let our system carry out numerous automated checks. Once complete, your team will receive a summary PDF to review prior to issuing each document.
  • automated certifications checks
  • no need to update your existing website or system, simply include a redirect to your Crewdentials portal URL to efficiently collate crew information
  • export data into your own system though API feed or CSV file
our api

Analyse Certificates

Using AI and refined algorithms we have developed a system that can machine read any certificate or document. We analyse the structure and content of each document, then compare the results against our growing database.

When a match is found we extract relevant text, apply validity controls (if applicable) and carry out automated checks, all within a few seconds.

Unlike other OCR or AI based document reading solutions, our system can be trained with just a single copy of a certificate or document.

  • Fully Trainable
  • Identify Certificate Types
  • Extract Relevant Text
  • Apply Controls (e.g. expiry dates)
  • Automated Checks (in development)
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early adopter of Crewdentials

"..it is such a helpful tool to keep a record of all the many certificates and documents we need as crew.."


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